Túath Whisky Glass – Faer Isles Distillery

Túath Whisky Glass

A customized whisky glass with our logo





Developed by famous Irish whisky glass produces, Túath, this conical-shaped glass beautifully captures the aromas and flavours of whisky.

Specifically developed for nosing and tasting whisky, it is the perfect gift for the whisky enthusiast wanting to have his/her own special glass for whisky appreciation.

A unique feature is its ability to lay on the side, so you can better appreciate the colour. This is achieved by the special stem and foot, which also makes the glass fit perfectly into your hand and thumb for easy swirling, viewing, and nosing.
We’ve added our logo and also a special gift package that protects the glass and looks nice in storage in display cabinets and on shelves.


Price: 17 €