Located on the remote, windswept Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic ocean, Faer Isles Distillery will be one of the most northerly whisky distilleries in the world. Using the old name used of the islands on old maps, we are bringing whisky to where it belongs: to the unspoiled and unbelievable Faroe Islands. The optimal environment for whisky maturation.


Funded by Whisky Enthusiasts

Faer Isles Whisky is funded by whisky enthusiasts worldwide.
In 2020, we invited everyone to become a part of this exceptional project by becoming members of Faer Isles Founders’ Club, and the backing was spectacular. We now have founding members in 22 countries. It is still possible to become a regular member and receive discounts and special offers for exclusive tastings, and events. And from March-July 2021 we invited everyone to buy shares in the company via our first community funding round.

The Nature

Faer Isles is a start-up craft distillery producing high-quality whisky and gin on the Faroe Islands, the perfect location for both spirits. The salty, windy weather on the islands provides the optimal atmosphere for whisky maturation, and the surrounding nature provides the gin botanicals such as juniper, angelica, and seaweed.

The Water

The Faroe Islanders rely on surface water for drinking water. The warm North Atlantic Current provides the moist atmosphere, where the mountains collect water in abundance. The Faroese water is very clean and almost mineral free, making it perfect for spirit production.

The Climate

The Faroe Islands are situated in the warm North Atlantic Current. This means that the sea water is very stable in temperature at around 6-8 degrees all year with little variation from night to day and from winter to summer, and the North Atlantic Current maintains a high humidity around the islands, where strong winds whip salt into the air. The Faroese climate is like the climate in Scotland, only more humid, more salty, and more stable in temperature. This is perfect for maturing whisky in barrels.

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Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Drink responsibly.

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Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Drink responsibly.