Akvavit – Faer Isles Distillery


Handcrafted small batch Nordic akvavit.
Distilled with Angelica, seaweed and mountain water from the remote islands.

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Using the traditional botanical, Angelica, growing everywhere on the islands, our akvavit has a mild yet spicy flavour, appealing to the palate. We use the root of the Angelica, which has a gentle anise-like taste, whereas the stem adds a green frehsness. As with all spirits from Faer Isles, it also contains seaweed, which adds maritime notes to this traditional spirit from the Nordic region.


Price: 31 €



Gold medal


Our North Atlantic Akvavit won gold in category “Aquavit ” in the speciality spirits masters 2022.
London Spirits Competition 2023 London Spirits Competition 2023