Fill Your Own 10L Whisky Cask – Faer Isles Distillery

Fill Your Own 10L Whisky Cask

Fill Your Own 10L Whisky Cask


11:00 - 17:00

As envisioned by the founders, the special cask maturation in the traditional Faroese “opnahjallur” has proven to be one of the main characteristics of Faer Isles Distillery.

We now want to take this concept one step further. Because just as casks are highly individual, “opnahjallar” are different too, their placement and design affecting the flavour of the food. Used mainly for curing fish and lamb, tasting the food is commonly followed by the question: “where has it hung?” 

Casks maturing in Faer Isles warehouseWe now give the unique opportunity to get your own small cask filled with our lightly peated new make spirit to mature in your own opnahjall. Maturation in such small casks gives a much quicker maturation, so a balanced young malt can be expected after just 2-.3 years. And this way, you can follow the process and taste your own cask at home whenever you like.

Our great partner, ASC Barrels, has prepared 20 x 10L barrels especially for this purpose. The barrels are reconstructed from bourbon and sherry barrels. The founder and director of ASC Barrels, Alex Sakon, give a lecture about oak wood and how it affects the maturing spirit.

We invite you to a 5-hour master class, where you will learn all the basics of whisky distilling, including malting, fermentation, distillation, and maturation.

The course includes:

  • Visit to our “opnhjallur” whisky maturation warehouses in Kvívík. Sample tasting
  • Tour of the distillery
  • Masterclass in whisky distilling by our Head Distiller
  • Lecture about oak wood used for maturing whisky
  • Lecture about how oak wood affects the new make spirit during maturation, by expert Alex Sakon from ASC Barrels
  • Fill your own cask (in case you decide to buy one)
  • Appetisers from local chefs
  • A whisky tasting with selected whiskies that in different ways relate to ours
  • Transportation to and from the distillery (Tórshavn-Kvívík-Vestmanna-Tórshavn)

The cost of the course is 2.100 DKK. You can register by writing to naming the email “Fill your own Cask”. First come, first served.*

By the end of the course, you can choose to buy the cask you filled. The cost of the cask, including VAT and all taxes, will be 11.800 DKK 

We have 10 x bourbon casks and 10 x sherry casks for the course.

After the course we will open our bar containing 50+ single malt whiskies and invite the public to join us. 

* Upon registration you receive an invoice covering the course fee. The first 20 to make the payment will participate. The bus leaves Tórshavn at 11:00 and returns around 18:00.