Scottish Copper Craftmanship

To deliver our whisky stills and primary equipment, we have selected Scottish supplier LH Stainless/Speyside Copper Works. LH Stainless was chosen after a thorough process of supplier research and estimation of quotes and proposals assisted by Allen Associates. LHS is a reputable distillery manufacturer with a long tradition of strong craftsmanship and engineering. Relying on time-honoured […]

Our German Gin Gem

We have made a little presentation of the gin still, we have commissioned from renowned German still producer, Müller Brennereianlagen.

Digital Shares and Crypto Funding

When it was announced that we would be allowing people to use crypto currency to buy shares in Faer Isles Distillery, we received a lot of questions. Crypto currencies still seem to have a bad reputation due to the initial problems associated with it. Therefore, we will try to explain. First of all: using crypto currency will […]

The Value of First Edition Whiskies

  We are immensely happy about the great interest in becoming a member of our Founders’ Club. Several aspiring members with limited knowledge of the market for single malts from startup distilleries, however, have asked why the price of the membership is 200€. It’s a fair question, considering the average cost of a bottle of […]

Vlog 10.08.20

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Greetings from our CEO Bogi Mouritsen. To read more about the project and buy your Faer Isles Founders’ Club membership, go to:

A word from the founders

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Faer Isles Whisky

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The wild, untouched Faroe Islands are unique. Located remotely in the North Atlantic, in the cleanest waters in the world. The rough ocean provides salty winds in abundance, which creates the perfect condition for aging whisky. Produced in our distillery and matured in our warehouse placed between untamed nature and the unfathomable beauty of The […]

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Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Drink responsibly.